Cell phone call three beeps

call someone and it goes straight to the 3 beeps to mean cancelled Posted on Jan 12, PM Try calling your Cell Phone Carrier.
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Clearly those 3-beeps are coming from one of the devices connected to the same phone line, like Fire Alarms, Fax Machines, etc. Customer has thousands of locations with this setup, so we are looking to disable that from the PBX side…. If the are coming from a parallel connection, then there is no way to prevent it, Asterisk is not disconnecting the calla and there is no SIP mechanism I can think of that could over-ride.

Most located in small towns. Maybe those towns have older CO equipment….

Busy signal

In my last career, three beeps was the signal that you call has been disconnected at the switch. I am reasonably certain that Asterisk no facility like this.

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Any idea if there is a way to avoid the call to be dropped from FreePBX side? Back in the early s through the early s, a telephone busy signal provided an early form of Social Media in many cities and towns of the United States called the "Jam Line [1] " or "Beep Line.

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  5. Common phone numbers for this to form on were popular radio station request lines, where teens would be calling in en mass to try and win concert tickets or request their favorite songs thus "jamming the lines" and generating a perpetual busy signal. A reorder tone , sometimes called a fast busy signal, indicates that no transmission path to the called number is available.

    Whenever I try to make a call it beeps three times and then just ends - The EE Community

    This can occur either because the Inter-LATA trunk is busy at the time of the call- in which case this clears in a few seconds, if one redials- or the number is temporarily out of service, due to maintenance or the number is not willing to accept calls. It is otherwise played after a recorded announcement explaining the reason for a general call failure.

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    In the past, before the adoption of the PreciseTone system, busy signal was generally composed of the same tone as dial tone in the central office in question, interrupted at the same rate. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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    For other uses, see Busy signal disambiguation. Example of a North American busy signal.

    Example of an old North American busy signal. Listen to a busy signal from North America used prior to Example of a United Kingdom busy signal. Remembering a Twin Cities teen phenomenon". Signaling telecommunications.